Marlin/Alicia Submarines Limited - Alicia or AP6 Diesel Electric Submarine

In July of 2004, DSA was retained by Marlin Submarines Limited (MSL) and the National Marine Aquarium (NMA) in Plymouth, UK to assist with the commissioning of "Alicia", a remarkable new diesel-electric submarine, which is outfitted with a diesel engine for surface transits and capable of diving to 300 meters (984 feet) with up to six passengers on board.

DSA was retained by MSL and the NMA to commission and sea trial Alicia as well as to train a crew of pilots and assist with the preparation of their operations manual. In addition, DSA was asked to provide an independent review of this submarine and to make recommendations as to what items were necessary to complete certification with ABS and how the vessel could be improved.

Currently, Alicia is being completed at a facility outside of Tucson, Arizona and the principals at DSA are providing on-going consulting services associated with the completion of this unique craft. Specifically, DSA has been asked by the owner of Alicia to resolve many of the outstanding comments with ABS and to coordinate, oversea and participate in sea trials off the coast of San Diego California in July or August of 20005.